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We provide our clients with a range of services, and therapeutic treatments performed with a superior level of: Knowledge, consistency, quality, hygiene, and caring relationships. Superior customer service skills and effective measurement of our client’s responses:

As a corporate executive my life is often stressful and my time short. I found myself chronically fatigued, anxious and prone to sickness. When confronted with addition pressures at home, my body started to collapse, effecting my work, relationships and ability to enjoy life. On the advice of a good friend I started to research alternative medicines and treatments, including Colon Hydrotherapy. At first I was reluctant but after my first treatment and observing Monika's professional, friendly and informative manner, I was already looking forward to my next appointment. After the treatment and during the following days, a feeling of calm, wellbeing and a clarity swept over me and I felt lighter both physically and mentally. I am now a regular client and would recommend Colon Hydrotherapy to anyone as part of a holistic approach to health and wellness.

- Sean

I had been suffering from severe acne for about 5 years. I had tried every cream, treatment, and product on the market with no visible results. A friend had told me about Colon Hydrotherapy, and I figured, “what do I have to lose.” After only five treatments I noticed a drastic change in the texture and overall appearance of my skin. My skin was smoother and less red. I'm about 8 treatments in and my skin is getting clearer every day, I even have people complimenting me on my complexion, something I thought would never happen. Many thanks to Monika for accomplishing something that I considered impossible, not only is my skin looking better but I'm actually able to eat foods that before made me severely break out!

- Katka

Monika is a very knowledgeable and skilled colon hydrotherapist. Her clinic is immaculate, and equipped with the best colon hydrotherapy equipment on the market, which gives me a feeling of safety and comfort. I moved from Vancouver in June 2012, and had been a patient, as well as an employee, of the best colon hydrotherapy clinic in that area. When I got to Toronto, I was quite worried about finding someone to replace what I had been used to. Monika has helped me tremendously. She has a terrific massage technique, which truly supports the elimination process. Monika is gentle, caring and intuitive. I am thrilled to have found her.

- Susanne

After discovering that I had severed Candida and food allergies, I purchased a package of Monica’s colonic treatments. After having completed just ten colonic treatments I had myself retested, only to discover that my Candida and food allergies were eliminated completely! I was ecstatic, Monica’s services have been such a tremendous help in enabling me to regain my health. I just want to say thank you Monica, for all your patience and dedication. You are a tremendously wonderful advocator for natural health, and I will continue to look forward to exploring, and benefiting from more of your services.

- Marina T.

New Year 2009 is when I decided that my diet and lifestyle needed a change. I joined a gym and begun looking at ways to achieve a new sense of wellbeing. Monika has helped me in numerous ways. When I decided to give colonics a try after thorough research, I was so shocked at how much “stuff” was actually in my body and the accumulated toxic build-up. Monika advised me to continue with the colonics and Ion Cleanse footbath, which has helped tremendously. I feel healthier, have more energy and smoother skin. My sinuses have also completely cleared up. Thanks to Monika, I feel that this was a necessary step for me to take to improve my overall well-being. I strongly urge everyone to try colonic irrigation, you will leave feeling refreshed and very relaxed. Thanks Monika

- Linda

Not being able to sleep and dealing with anxiety I can confidently say Monika has helped me feel normal again. We've become great friends over the years and I would recommend colon hydrotherapy to anyone and everyone! It's a life saver!

- Paulina

Fantastic! With knowledgeable information and the sensitivity that came along with treatment, I will be booking future appointments.

- Stephanie

Exceptional knowledge and treatment

- Bernadette

Monika is wonderful. She is professional, kind, caring, patient and informative. Considering the vulnerable position, we are in for hydrotherapy, she makes it a calming and comfortable experience. I have had two sessions with her and included additional spa treatments and were also beneficial and relaxing. I’m glad I’ve found her. Thank you Monika! Can’t wait to see you again for the next treatment!

- Taje

Excellent service by Monika. Very knowledgeable and learnt a lot of information about detox and health benefits. I got both the lymphatic massage and colonics.

- Marta

Amazing, amazing, amazing. I love coming here. Tons of parking spaces. Their greetings are so warm and friendly. I’ll definitely be back.

- Meryem